Holcombe Family
Norfolk Military Homecoming

Everyone asks me how I manage to hold my composure to get the job done and capture all of these emotional moments without breaking into tears. I really have no option, I am there to document the first time that families see each other in months and I can’t spare a moment to stand by and take in all of the love, excitement and joy happening right in front of me. I am concentrated on one thing, getting the best photos I can of some of the most emotional few minutes in a military family’s life. With that being said, it is not easy to keep it together behind the camera and this homecoming was harder than usual for me to keep my composure.

Karissa, her children Jack, Addison and Ben, and her parents all came up from Georgia to welcome home their husband, father and son-in-law. We had a beautiful, sunny day to anxiously wait at the pier for his arrival. I had such a great time getting to know Karissa and her family, they are seriously some of the sweetest people! When the sub finally arrived, and everyone watched impatiently as the sailors prepared to come join their families they had been missing for months, we were expecting to be able to go out on the pier to greet them. Instead, they had families wait right off the pier and the sailors came to us. When Karissa and the kids spotted Geno walking toward us, they couldn’t hold back their excitement and ran to meet him! Of course I followed, snapping photos as I ran and trying not to cry. Watching their faces as they ran to each other was so heartwarming, and the water in my eyes welled up a little bit as I continued to capture this sweet moment.

I would like to give a huge Virginia welcome to the Holcombe family as they move to Hampton Roads. It’s no Hawaii…but I’m sure you will love it here. These are some of my favorites from their homecoming session. Welcome home to all of the service members aboard the USS Newport News!

It was such an honor to capture this special day in your lives. Thank you for your service and sacrifices your family makes!

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